Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Whit's Kitch

In 2008 after years of constantly feeling sick I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I hoped that staying gluten free would solve my health issues, but like so many with digestive diseases I had to go a step further. I followed several different diets (Vegan, SCD, Organic, etc.) and now consume a synthesis of these ideologies.

I started this blog after I noticed that due to health reasons I had changed the way that I cooked. Now--I didn't change the types of dishes I ate, I simply changed the ingredients in them. I realized how broken American cooking has become: using unhealthy flours, sugar, and excessive amounts of ingredients when dishes could be made with healthier base ingredients and fewer ingredients. The results of this change are lower calorie and densely nutritious meals that are simple and affordable to make.

I really enjoy good food. I would not be able to sacrifice taste for health on an every day basis, which is why I adventure into experimentation and find the meals I love that will also love me back. I hope you love them too and thank you for reading my blog.