Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Get Educated

When you know better, you do better. These are some of the sources that are the base of my nutrition ideologies. I strongly recommend doing some reading-- it changed my life, and can change yours.

Michael Pollan: In defense of food
This book really opened my eyes. It opens your eyes to how lost American food has become. He states that most of what we eat is "food like substances"-- and not actually food. His advice is simple and can easily be applied to anyone's life. Pollan is one of my heroes and teaches at my Alma Mater: Berkeley. He guest lectured one of my classes before I knew who he was and now I wish i had a time machine so I could adequately swoon :-) Check him out on Amazon.

Mark Sisson: Primal Blue Print
His primal diet eliminates grains, sugars, and is very low carb--high protein and fat. His diet is really outlines my daily eating. His philosophy aims to get back to what we ate as cavemen, siting that this is our body's natural way of surviving and can return us to optimal health. His book
Primal Blue Print is available at Amazon. He has a great website too:

Elaine Gottschall: Breaking the Vicious Cycle
A true trail blazer. After her daughter became seriously ill with U.C. she came to be in touch with Dr. Haas. Dr. Haas to this day is the only Dr to dedicate his work to studying diet's effect on those with G.I. diseases. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), is renowned for healing the worst cases of Chrons, U.C., Celiac and many other G.I. disturbances (myself included). If you are an incurable I strongly recommend it. Google "SCDiet" and you'll find great online sources-- but reading the actual book is a must!