Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finding Health through your Diet

I have a passion for eating foods that promote health. This didn't just happen for no reason, after all I'm a mid-20's city girl. Before being diagnosed with Celaic Disease I knew something was terribly wrong with my health. I started to focus on my diet-- eating organic, whole grains etc. the conventional nutrition stuff.
After about 2 years of being sick I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I gladly went gluten free. Several months after being gluten free I really did not have great improvement. Searching desperately for answers I turned to the famous book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" from Elaine Gottschall. This diet is very strict and must be adhered to religiously in order to achieve success. In summary the diet is : high protein, low carb, no dairy, no soy, no sugar, no grains, no lactose. I followed that diet for about 8 months and did have dramatic positive results with my over all well being. I started to deviate a little bit, just to see how it went and eventually found a sythesis of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (Gottschall's diet) and the Primal Diet. This synthesis diet contains: high fat (whichever type of fat you feel comfortable with), high veggies and moderate protein-- with no sugar, or grains. I feel like this is the best diet for my body.

I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease this week, which has been a pretty hard blow to absorb, but it does mean I can start my recovery, regardless of the pace. So I hit the internet and started researching the optimal diet for recovery and low and behold-- I am already on it.
It seems that for so many health issues adopting a low carb, high fat, high protein diet is a great tool towards recovery. The high amount of vegetables, fats, and organic meat and lack of packaged foods, sugar, and grains creates a very healthy diet. Some of the many benefits are: maintaining steady blood sugar levels, reduction of inflammation, high levels of macro and micro-nutrients, high in anti-oxidants and much more. I'm just disappointed that this concept is not more frequently recommended by Dr's or the mainstream, and really feel it's a huge disservice to public health.

I wanted to keep this post moderately short, but wanted to bring attention to the impact this type of diet has on the body's overall well being-- weather you're sick or not. I also wanted to mention that within every "diet", "protocol" etc., it is important to find your sweet spot. I cannot eat very high protein, with high fat-- I don't feel well and I gain weight. My sweet spot is making fat and veggies my priority and dropping the protein a bit; it takes experimentation. If you would like to read some more information, here is a good article that summarizes the health benefits in more detail: