Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beet, Celery root and Squash chips!

When i get back to the US the 2 things I am buying are a juicer, and a deep fryer. Yesterday I made some chips using beets, celary root and butternut squash. I sliced them very thinly and put them in a pan with about half an inch of sun flower oil. Make sure you over the peices with the oil and that the oil is hot enough. Cook each peice for about 3 minutes, the beets may take longer. If you dont cook them enough they will be mushy and not crunchy-- so use your judgement. Once you take them off the pan, place on paper towel, to remove some grease and add sesonings. The best thing is that you can make these go with any meal by choosing your falvoring. I used sage, salt and pepper so it would go with my chicken soup. You could use rosemary, or spicy peppers for somthing different. Now all i need is some gaucamole and then I can make nachos :-) I'll save that for next week!