Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo walk with Lulu

I'm starting to work on my photography a bit more so I went for a photo walk with my puppy Lulu. What's a photo walk? Well let me tell you! I take Lulu for a walk every day and always see things that I think would make a great picture or see small details that I find interesting. So I decided to start photo walks. I go out for about an hour and every block I walk I need to take a picture (of something on that block). Not every block has something interesting, so this is where you get creative and start to look at things a little differently. It helps me realize that it isn't the subject matter that needs to be interesting but the way its photographed and the way that it is approached. Yesterday was my first one and I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing, almost like a meditation.


Anonymous said...

These are really nice photos. Lulu looks a little shy but cute.