Wednesday, April 28, 2010 great

I was in the grocery store last week, and passed a sign reading: Goose $.99 per pound. Now not only is this a VERY price, it was organic, and free range-- but I've never made goose. So I just put it in the cart and I knew I'd figure it out-- besides I didn't have plans that night.

I got home, opened The Joy of Cooking and started reading about roasting a goose for a general guideline. I found that JOC used the same roasting temp for chicken and turkey. Chicken and turkey have more meat on them and cook slower, so I deviated from JOC quiet a bit and it turned out great.

1 Goose-- thawed
5 stocks of Celery
1 onion

Preheat oven to 375 (JOC says 450-- but it started cooking too quick and would have been tough). Place goose in roasting pan and remove innards (set aside the liver, this is valuable!). Place 5 stocks of celery and 1/2 onion inside the goose and tie the legs together. Poke small holes in the fat throughout the body to allow juices to flow (this helps the meat becomes more tender-- its a goose thing). Poke about 4-6 larger holes and place a slice of butter between the skin and the meat. Sprinkle entire body of goose with thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Place goose in the oven to roast. You should time roasting to 15 min per pound. Geese have less meat on them then a turkey or chicken, so it will cook quicker (which I found out mid roasting!). So keep that in mind so you do not over cook. About halfway through baste goose with it's own juices. After it is fully cooked remove goose and cool. Make sure to keep ALL the goose fat the will form in the bottom of the roasting pan, this is valuable cooking material people! Trust me, you'll use it, and I'll tell you how. Enjoy your lovely goose!