Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sweet Balsamic and Chipotle Marinade

I originally used this recipe on some baby back ribs I made last week. They were SO good that I totally forgot to take a picture, so I guess I had to make it again with some chicken and it was just as good. Its great for a summer BBQ and your guests will definitely be surprised by the original flavor. Because everyone's meat is a different size, and I don't expect you to know how many pounds, ounces etc you dinner is, this recipe will give a rough estimate. The directions will give you a better idea of how much needs to be used too.

2 parts Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 part Chipotle powder
1 part Honey

Make sure your meat is fully thawed. Get your bottle of balsamic and drizzle it over your meat. Rub the balsamic into the meat with your (clean) fingers, you will want to fully cover the meat and may need to reapply if you did not drizzle enough. Next drizzle honey over the top of the meat. You will want a very thin layer of honey over the top side of your meat. Use your finger again to evenly distribute. Next get your chipotle powder and shake it over the meat, you might want to use more than you think-- this provides a subtle spiciness to the flavor (but not super spicy). You want there to be a light evenly spread amount over the meat, about half the amount of honey. Let your meat sit for awhile (10 minutes is fine, if that is all you have). Fully cook your meat either in the oven or BBQ. While meat is cooking you might want to mix up some extra marinade to pour over your meat as a sauce, I did this and it was really great! Enjoy!