Friday, July 2, 2010

Tiramisu Pancakes...a little indulgent

Totally worth it. This is defiently a fancy pants breakfast, but any beginner can make it. I enjoy tiramisu as a dessert, but its not my favorite. I need a rich chocolate or something pretty sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth, so it seemed like a great idea for breakfast. The pancakes are a light chocolaty flavor with a hint of chocolate, topped with a sweet coffee marscapone sauce. I have no idea how you aren't drooling right now. There are a few specialty items in the recipe, so make sure you have them in your fridge before you start. This recipe is for one stack, so keep that in mind if you're cooking for a crowd.

1 whole egg + 1 egg white
1 tablespoon Flax
2 teaspoons Sour cream
1 teaspoon cocoa
1/2 teaspoon Stevia powder
1/4 teaspoon Instant Coffee
1/2 teaspoon coconut flour (you can sub with any starch)

2 tablespoons Marscapone cheese
2 tablespoons Whipped cream
1/4 teaspoon Instant coffee
1/2 teaspoon Stevia powder

In a medium sized bowl beat egg and egg white together. Next add flax and sour cream and mix well. Add cocoa powder, stevia and coffee and mix again. Let the batter sit a few minutes so the flax can thicken. Last add the coconut flour. Heat a skillet on medium heat (well greased) and pour silver dollar sized pancakes and cook to your liking.

Once those are finished start on your sauce. Place marscapone in a small bowl and microwave just long enough to soften. Next add the whipped cream, coffee and stevia and mix well. Place mixture in the fridge until its hardened.

When pancakes are done and cream is hardened you can get ready to serve. Place one pancake on a plate and drizzle with maple syrup, then top with a dollop of cream sauce and spread it out evenly. Next place the next pancake on top and repeat process. If you like your pancakes hot, just note that the sauce will melt, so you don't want them too hot! This goes great with a fresh espresso :-) Enjoy!