Sunday, June 27, 2010

Favorite Foodie Links

I am always on the internet reading about nutrition or delicious foodie finds. I thought I would start doing a weekly round up of all the interesting and funny foodie finds I come across every week-- just to save you some time :-)

-Irish Times: Sugar bigger health risk than Smoking
--I thought that was pretty crazy, they also discuss how decreasing your insulin is essential to anti-aging. So stop spending on all those expensive anti-aging products and cut out the sugar!

-Synergy Kombucha pulled for Alcohol, Owner comments
-- Earlier this week my favorite drink Synergy Kombucha was pulled from shelves due to possible alcohol contents. Fermented drinks have detectable alcohol, which may mean alcohol laws may apply to Synergy. The CEO discusses how they will move forward.

-Lion Burgers in honor of World Cup causes controversy
-- I think this sounds delicious, I'd try them in a second. But the controversy focuses not on the taste but on the lawfulness of serving this exotic meat.

-The Most WTF Cook Books
-- A little humor; the most ridiculous cook book titles. My personal favorite is the "The Testicle Cook Book"-- not sure whether to throw up or laugh.